Poster Competition

Poster Presentation Opportunity and Prizes:

Did you know that the poster exhibit is one of the more attended sessions at the conference?  Strategically placed where traffic is greatest, the posters provide a different kind of learning and networking space that is enjoyed by conference participants.

We think the CES National Conference is a great place to show your skills in aligning excellent evaluation content with vibrant visual presentation! This is a skill worthy of acknowledgement and we have arranged for two different prizes to recognize the best poster presentation:

  • A panel of judges will review the posters based on merit and a first place prize of $500 will be awarded
  • A People’s Choice vote will result in a prize of $500 for the poster garnering the most votes from conference participants

Submit posters through the online presentation proposal submission link:

Submit Presentation Proposal

Deadline for submissions is Friday, 15 December 2017 before 11:59 pm MST. No extensions.


2017 Conference Winners

Best Poster Session Award (judged) – SSHRC prize:


  • Dallas Genereaux, Master of Public Health Candidate, UBC School of Population and Public Health

Poster title:

  • Accepting resource limitations: A process evaluation of the Ongera Home Fortification program in Rwanda
People’s Choice Award – TD prize:


  • Elizabeth Peery, Lead Research Assistant, Magnolia Consulting, LLC
  • Stephanie Baird Wilkerson, President, Magnolia Consulting, LLC

Poster title:

  • How Real‐time Evaluation Can Increase the Utility of Evaluation Findings