Buddy Program

The CES/SCE 2018 Conference Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is an initiative developed to help first time conference attendees, particularly students, emerging evaluators and international delegates (referred to as “new attendees”), to enhance their experience of the conference by being paired with an experienced, practicing evaluator (referred to as a “buddy”). New attendees and buddy participants volunteering for the CES/SCE 2017 Conference Buddy Program will be matched on the basis of common interests and experience. The CES/SCE Buddy Program is intended to achieve the following:

  • New attendees, especially those who are CES/SCE-conference “first-timers,” will feel comfortable and well oriented;
  • New attendees will gain a better understanding of evaluation practice by exchanging with a seasoned evaluator;
  • Evaluator participants will learn more about current evaluation education programs by exchanging with a new attendee;
  • Increased networking facilitation will occur among all BP participants at the conference.

The buddy relationship will consist of three phases:

1. Before the conference: Based on background and professional interests, the BP coordinator will match evaluation students, new and emerging evaluators and international delegates with experienced practicing evaluators. By May 20th, BP participants will be introduced to their “buddy” by email, so that they can correspond before the conference starts.

2. During the conference: The first morning of the conference, participants are invited to a breakfast where they can meet with their own buddies and other pairs of buddies.  The new attendee and evaluator buddy will seek opportunities to spend some time together during the conference (e.g. during networking breaks and lunch). The buddy will also assist the new attendee with any questions about the conference sessions and logistics.

3. After the conference: The goal is that evaluators enrolled in the BP program fully benefit from the conference by establishing an enjoyable and productive professional link with evaluators. Participants will have the opportunity to sign up with Evaluation Mentoring Canada to formalize the relationship into a mentorship.


  • The CES/SCE is only responsible for pairing individuals with similar professional interests. The BP is an informal opportunity to enhance your experience at the CES/SCE 2018 Conference, and it should be an enjoyable experience for both the new attendee and the experienced evaluator. Therefore, BP participants should not expect career guidance or introductions to specific scholars in the course of the conference.
  • In addition, the CES/SCE is not responsible for any issues arising between paired individuals.

We look forward to seeing you at the Calgary Conference!