Presenter Info

The C2018 Preliminary Program is now available!

Please have a look and let us know if there are any issues with day and time. We will finalize titles, presenters and schedule by the end of April, so contact to request changes.

Concurrent sessions take place within 90 minutes:

  • Leading Edge Panels – 90 mins total, including questions
  • Consultation & Collaboration – 25 mins per presentation
  • Short Presentations and Student Presentations – 15 mins (+ shared time for questions, introductions, and transitions between presentations)
  • Storytelling – 15 mins (+ shared time for questions)
  • Debate – 45 mins total, including questions (includes 2 debates of 45 minutes each)
  • Lightning Rounds – 25 mins total (90 min session includes 25 mins x 3 rotations with multiple presentations co-occurring at different tables within the same room- 5 minute transitions)
  • Ignite Sessions – 5 mins

Thematic Breakfast takes place within 60 minutes:

  • Thematic Breakfast Round Tables – multiple discussions co-occurring at different tables within the same room

Presentation Setup

What is provided:

  • Rooms (except for Lightning Rounds and Thematic Breakfasts) come equipped with a Windows-compatible laptop, projector. Flip charts and markers may be available upon request, if received by May 11th. Please send your request to Terrilyn at
  • The laptops will have PowerPoint 2010 and will be set up to project in standard (4:3) mode.
  • If it is essential that you use your own computer, please discuss this with the organizing team by May 18th, in order to ensure compatibility with the data projector. If you opt to use your own device, you will need to provide your own adapter to connect to the projector. We discourage using your own computer, as it is risky and there is no provision for support in case of technical difficulties.

File Transfer:

  • Email a PowerPoint version of your presentation to no later than May 11, 2018.
  • If you are unable to email your presentation in advance, bring your presentation on a USB drive to your presentation room 15-20 minutes in advance of your session to load onto the laptop in the presentation room.
  • Ignite Session slides must be submitted by May 18, 2018 due to the format of the session.

Poster Sessions

Poster guidelines:

  • The maximum size for posters is 120 cm h x 90 cm w (48” h x 36” w)
  • Material on surface: Braelock fabric
  • Velcro and push pin compatible (pins will be provided on site)

Set-up and tear down information:

  • Poster presenters may put up their poster on Saturday, May 26th, between 4:00 and 5:30pm. If you are unavailable to hang your poster during this time, we kindly ask that you set them up on Monday morning before 8:00am.
  • You are responsible for removing your poster at the end of the day on Tuesday, May 29th.

Poster session:

  • Presenters are required to be at their posters during the designated period, to meet conference delegates and attendees. The designated poster presentation time will be announced on the program page
  • Posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference.

Tips for effective posters:

  • Letters and numbers should be large enough to be readable from 1.5 m. For example, font size recommendations for Arial font: Title = 72pt; Author and affiliation = 48 pt; Text = 36 pt. Use simple typeface and use bold type for headings
  • Use bullets, and keep text to a minimum. Don’t crowd information onto the poster.
  • Keep figures and tables simple.
  • Use a simple background and colour scheme that does not detract from the information being presented.
  • Excessive use of organized logos or advertisements is discouraged
  • If possible, provide miniaturized copies of the poster (e.g., 22 cm x 28 cm; 8.5″ X 11″) and your business card.
  • Provide an envelope where people can leave their business card requesting additional information.
  • Include a recent photo of yourself in the upper right-hand corner so that people can find you for discussion later.