Yellowknife Symposium

May 31 - June 1, 2018

Yellowknife Event FAQs

What will be happening in Yellowknife on May 31 – June 1, 2018?

Program details for the two-day event in Yellowknife are still being finalized. The first day will follow a standard conference format, including a plenary session, panel discussions, and story-telling. On the second day we will move to a location outside Yellowknife for a more interactive and informal learning event. This Yellowknife “mini-conference” will follow the 2018 theme of Co-Creation, with a specific focus on Indigenous and land-based evaluation approaches. We hope to provide an opportunity for evaluators and representatives from Indigenous organizations, communities, and governments to learn from one another in an on-the-land setting. We will be updating the Yellowknife website as more information becomes available.

If I register for Co-Creation 2018, do I need to participate in both events or will I be able to attend just one?

You can participate in the main conference in Calgary, the post-conference event in Yellowknife, or both. Watch for registration to open on the c2018 conference website, sometime around March 1, 2018. When registration opens, you will be able to register separately for workshops, the conference, and the Yellowknife event.

What will the registration fee be for the Yellowknife event?

Details are still being finalized, but there will be a registration fee of $175 with an early bird option of $125.

Will there be financial assistance available for travel or registration?

We hope to be able to offer registration and travel support for individuals representing community programs in the North. Watch for more information.

Can you give me any advice on travel arrangements from Calgary to Yellowknife?

There are a number of airlines that offer flights from Calgary to Yellowknife, both direct and with connections in Edmonton. We will be posting more details in the near future.

What about accommodations in Yellowknife?

There are several hotels and various B&B options in Yellowknife.  We have booked a block of rooms at the Chateau Nova for $159 per night plus GST.  We will be posting more details in the near future.

Can I submit a proposal to make a presentation in Yellowknife?

We will be issuing a call for submissions for presentations and posters.  This will be posted on the Yelllowknife event website, on the c2018 website, and included in the Sunday CES e-mail to all members. To submit a proposal to the Yellowknife event, visit: