Saturday, May 26, 2018

Integrating our Evaluation Capacity and Culture for Organizational Acceptance


Building evaluation capacity in organizations is necessary to meet new demands for credible date collection and reporting. There are interesting developments in the area of evaluation capacity building (ECB). They involve insights into organizational context and development of evaluation culture. The challenge is the integration of our evaluation know how into organizational culture. This workshop will focus on how evaluation capacity (supply) can contribute to evaluation demand (culture) using insights from the work of Mayne, Preskill and Boyle, Volkov and King, Boyle and Lemaire and the work of Cousins. These resources will be noted and a model (Preskill and Boyle) which can be applied to practice will be presented and discussed. Participants will have the opportunity to bring their own setting to the model. One successful case study of building evaluation culture in a large non-profit will be included in a workbook prepared for this workshop.

Learning Objectives:

  • Qualities of the role/relationship of evaluation capacity with building an evaluation culture within an organization. Relevant literature and the key developments will be noted for participants.
  • A conceptual model of ECB that can be applied to building evaluation culture within organizations.
  • Strategies and actions that integrate evaluation into organizational culture in ways it is intentional, systematic and sustainable.



Kaireen Chaytor

Kaireen is an award recipient and Fellow of the CES. Her graduate study pursued organizational learning. She has conducted evaluations in many settings with the intent of building evaluation capacity in the organization. She is called on for evaluation in-services for many organizations. She successfully mentored a large non-profit in building an evaluation culture. Kaireen recently summarized evaluation in the Government of Nova Scotia for a panel presentation and for an article on the topic.


Schedule | Saturday, May 26 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Language | English

Level | Intermediate

Prerequisites | Knowledge of evaluation competencies and evaluation capacity building (ECB). Participants should have an interest in developing evaluation culture.